Therapy can help you get untangled from old stories, old ways of being that are sabotaging you from living a life you love.


You stay busy. You keep doing all the tasks, ticking off the boxes and accomplishing the goals. If only people knew how often you feel like you are crawling out of your skin. You hide what you truly feel, what you are truly experiencing- from family, from friends, and even from yourself.

Thinking ‘If I feel busy enough I can run away from this. If I stay small enough or accomplish enough I won’t be noticed no one will know me by my old story. I will be something better, something more but when will that better thing be enough when will I be enough to be happy?’

Are you ready for others to know you, to trust and let your guard down but it feels impossible? You keep dating and sabotaging relationships when things seem to get too close for comfort. When they start to see a little too much of you.

It is so much easier to be known for your accomplishments, those are nice, neat, shiny pieces of your life.

Instead of the chaos and uncertainty you feel inside. Are you exhausted from pushing yourself so hard and are you frustrated that you keep self-sabotaging relationships? But this way feels the safest and the only way you know, the only way to keep yourself from getting hurt and violated by someone you trust again.

That is where I come in, I can help you get untangled from these old stories and beliefs that are holding you back.

As a licensed professional counselor with a PhD I have the education and training to assist you in this process. But also as a person who has caved into my smallness and overcome that by recognizing my potential and leaning into an empowered life where I get to empower others. If you are ready to ditch your old stories and want to challenge yourself by working on you then email me to schedule a free 15 minute check in chat for counseling in Northwest Arkansas.


Call, text or email to schedule a free 15 minute check in chat with me.

There are so many ways to reach me to make contacting a therapist less scary.

Relax you are in good hands.

During our check in chat, I’ll answer all your questions and help you figure out what would be a good fit for you.

Step Three: Flourish

Experience the support you need to get your life back on track, to live freely and fully again.

Why wait to live your best life?