Always striving, trying, and doing but still not feeling like you are enough?

Everyone sees you as being the one who has it all together. Your achievements, attention to detail, and busy schedule are what everyone commends you for. You have high expectations of yourself and those around you.

Even with all that you are doing you still don’t feel in control.

You are exhausted, anxious, lonely, and out of balance. You are realizing just how much stress and pressure you put on yourself to maintain this facade of perfection.

Nothing you do ever feels good enough to make you truly happy.

One negative interaction or hard conversation sends you reeling into self doubt that lasts for days. You are constantly worried about what others think of you and you strive for outside validation to calm your inner critical voice.

You don’t have to have it all together.

In fact therapy is a great place to truly let down your walls, show the messiness that you are afraid to show others and truly learn what makes you happy and how to be happy being yourself. I combine my years of clinical training and counseling experience to help you:

  • Develop space from your inner critic

  • Decrease judgement

  • Be more present

  • Create self acceptance and compassion

  • Show up authentically

  • Feel more at ease and balanced

Learn how counseling can help you show up authentically in your life.