You have been looking for love but keep falling short.

You are successful in every part of your life except in relationships. You don’t understand what you are doing wrong and how dating has turned into such a complicated game. You are on all the dating apps and sites but nothing seems to get you closer to having that relationship you have dreamed of.

Dating is tough.

Finding someone worth getting to know is the hardest Where’s Waldo game out there. Even when you do meet someone great there is no guarantee and that is scary as hell. You begin to over analyze everything they say, constantly checking their social media, and thinking about them 24/7.

You get insecure when the communication dials down.

Just when you think that things are going great and you finally feeling your walls coming down with them and start to see a future together. Then they break up with or ghost you.

You are heartbroken.

You were in a serious committed relationship or marriage and then you were blindsided with the end of your relationship. Minimal explanations given, you have no idea what really went wrong.

Lonely, depressed with no end to the pain in sight.

It’s hard to concentrate on school or work or anything else, you feel like your chest is hollow and empty or like you have been punched in the stomach. You had no idea a relationship ending could hurt this much.

You want to heal from this but you don’t know how.

You are feeling motivated to do the work, to focus on yourself so that you are in a better place. If you happen to meet the next great partner along the way you want to be the best version of you that you can be to have a happy long lasting relationship.

A happy, healthy love connection keeps eluding you.

You feel lonely, uncertain, and insecure. You have probably gone through a thousand questions and scenarios like “Am I damaged goods?” “Why am I attracted to the wrong people?” “Why am I not enough?”

At the heart.

There a ton of dating and relationship books out there but there isn’t a specific map made just for you to figure out how to be in a healthy, happy relationship. Like most of us you have probably figured out some unhealthy relationship patterns from parents, siblings, friends, media and that is why you are struggling in relationships and dating. I combine my years of clinical training and counseling experience to help you:

  • Overcome loneliness and heartbreak

  • Understand why relationships haven’t lasted

  • Learn how attachment style impacts your relationships

  • Learn how past experiences impact your relationships

  • Be more confident in yourself and relationships

  • Figure out what you are needing and wanting in a potential partner

Learn how therapy can help you develop that fulfilling relationship you have always wanted.