Worried, insecure, uncertain, not feeling good enough, doubting your own worth, lonely, stressed out, feeling like you are in a race you can never win?

Me too. I’ve gotten burnt out in jobs, surrounded myself in unfulfilling friendships- got burned or was left feeling alone in said friendships, lost myself in toxic relationships and looked for love in the wrong ways, moved half way across the country on my own without a support system, pushed myself to be “perfect” only to find that acceptance from others wasn’t what I needed, got in over my head with student loans, became a licensed professional counselor with a PhD, lost my parents and learned more about myself than ever before through the grieving process, realized in this process who I want to lean on and now call family, bought my first home, have been in the longest relationship I have ever had, and started my own business.

I get it. I’ve felt that way too.

My name is Megan Little, a licensed professional counselor with a PhD in counselor education and supervision. I help high achieving woman who have experienced adverse life events who are feeling stuck in the stories they tell themselves but want to get out of that cycle, they want to have compassion for themselves and accept themselves.

I know what it feels like to feel stuck in our stories that we have given ourselves and others have given us, to feel like something indescribable is holding you back from your dream life.

I have realized it isn’t just my education and experience as a therapist that makes my professional lens, it is all of the life experiences along the way too. That lead me to my passion of

Working with women who have experienced adverse life events, sexual assault survivors, and relationship distress.

All of this has lead to my empowering focused approach to therapy to help my clients as they navigate these challenges. I help my clients overcome narrations and self sabotaging beliefs that are leaving them stuck in the same cycle to create a balanced and rewarding life where they realize their own worth.

Hear it from them.

I received permission from some client’s to share their experiences working with me so you can get a better idea of what that might be like. Read their comments below.

Take your next step to living the balanced, fulfilling life.

“Strength when I doubted myself”

“You truly have helped me get over a very challenging few months. Being here in a new place, with few people I trust deeply, I felt like I would never have the voice to be honest, even when that’s what I needed. You helped me find my strength when I wasn’t sure if I had any left!”

— J

“Counseling had really made me a more functional person”

“Now a year later, I feel like a completely different person. I no longer feel the need to see a counselor on a regular basis. I haven’t had a panic attack in over a year!!! and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. Every counseling session with you had a huge impact on my week, and I feel confident that without meeting you I would be no where near where I am today. You have such an amazing gift and I’m so glad that your career path lets you share it with other people.”

“Thank you again for helping me, for watching me bawl my eyes out and for making me feel like my anxiety was something I could conquer.”

— H