How did you end up feeling so stuck, so lonely, so unsure of yourself especially after you pushed yourself so hard to reach all these milestones you were told about?

You have worked so hard, pushed yourself so hard, for all these things that you were told would make you happy or maybe what you believed would make you happy- getting involved on campus, an awesome GPA, graduating, career, money, car, house, vacations, and finding a partner.

But you feel overwhelmed, unsure of who you are, lonely, and empty inside.

Despite all the things and all the achievement you are still unhappy inside and feel too ashamed to admit you are still not happy. Trying to keep up the facade leaves you feeling mentally, emotionally, and financially drained. Maybe it is starting to finally show in your relationships, your mood, your school work or career. Perhaps it is more and more challenging to be social and connect with others.

A part of you worries that others are starting to see that you don’t have it all together and are starting to judge you.

Achievement can only get us so far, there are only so many milestones we can work towards in life and many times once we get there we realize it isn’t fulfilling like we had imagined it would be. You are tired of living in this state of worry, sadness, comparison. You have lost motivation and you are not sure how to make changes in your life.

You can have that life you have dreamed of, the one where you are truly living in the present.

Therapy can help you figure out who you are without all the achievement and things. Therapy can give you better clarity, understanding and actionable steps of how to get there. I integrate therapy, wellness, and inventory tools with a compassionate tell it like it is style.

While I can help with a lot of things here are some of my specialties:

Sexual Assault

High Achieving Women with Adverse Life Experiences

Heartbreak, Breakups & Dating Difficulties